We cover everything you need to know to get started vaping weed, plus our list of the best cannabis vaping products.

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Cannabis vaping has recently exploded in popularity, with increasing numbers of users now opting to vape cannabis instead of smoking it. Touted as a safer, more discreet, and cost-effective way to consume cannabis, medical patients and recreational users alike are embracing cannabis vaping. With so many different products available (including options for CBD and delta-8 THC users), vaping weed can feel confusing or downright intimidating at first. If you’re new to vaping weed, our complete cannabis vaping guide will answer your questions and our cannabis vape pen buyer’s guide will help you find your perfect match.

How Does Cannabis Vaping Work?

Cannabis vape pens work by heating up plant material just enough to create vapor, but not hot enough to catch fire and combust. Once the vapor is inhaled, as with traditional weed smoking, its cannabinoids are readily absorbed into the bloodstream and their effects are quickly felt.

Most mediums of cannabis and hemp can be vaporized, including oil, wax, resin, or even dry herb. Since each of these mediums has an ideal vaporizing temperature range to achieve its full effect, using the correct vape pen for your preferred type of cannabis is crucial.

Types of Cannabis Vape Pens


Olio Live Rosin Cart

Created by true cannabis extraction experts with a passion for crafting unique flavor profiles, Olio offers the cleanest, most potent live resin, live rosin, and hand-filled premium hash oil cartridges on today’s market. One of Olio’s greatest advantages is its dedicated fresh-frozen in-house grow, which places heavy focus on terpene production, preservation, and plant integrity – while allowing Olio to continually explore new ways of enhancing their products and consumer experience. Employing butane and solventless extraction methods and drawing upon a remarkable genetic library, Olio’s inhalables are available in over 60 deliciously crafted strains, with more exciting innovations coming down the line in the future. Olio can be found at select dispensaries throughout Colorado, New Mexico, and Massachusetts.