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Our Methods


L I V E  R E S I N

There are multiple LPG’s (Liquified Petroleum Gas) available for use in today’s hydrocarbon extraction market. Some labs use Butane, Propane, Iso-Butane or a mixture to meet their needs as each solvent can offer different benefits to the extraction process. 

Here at Olio, we only use N-Butane for our solvent extractions. While N-Butane has been known to leave more terpenes behind due to polarity, we believe that it offers a more gentle extraction that results in more depth to the profile of our final concentrate. 

With our garden’s focus on maximizing and preserving the resin production, we want to do everything in our power to make sure those same amazing aromas stay as true to nature all the way to the end.

L I V E  R E S I N:  S U G A R

Olio currently only offers two forms of dabbable BHO: Wet Sugar and Dry Sugar. These two forms of Live Resin are defined by the amount of terpenes saturating the cannabinoids. With the Wet Sugar, we drown our cannabinoids with terpenes resulting in roughly 40% terpene volume. This increases the amount of terpenes offers a much more flavorful smoke oftentimes encouraging a noticeably different high. The Dry Sugar on the other hand, doesn't offer the same pungent flavor profile but is a much smoother smoke in comparison.

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W E T  S U G A R

A form of Live Resin defined by the volume of terpenes present which typically falls in the 40% range. The extra terpenes offer more flavor and aroma but at the cost of a slightly harsher smoke. In theory, the additional terpenes should also enhance the psychoactive effects of the concentrate. More terpenes vaporized alongside the cannabinoids should engage more of an entourage effect.

D R Y  S U G A R

A form of Live Resin defined by the volume of terpenes present which typically falls in the 5-10% range. Some consumers prefer the smoothness of the dry sugar in comparison to the wet. While the high isn’t as complex as the Wet Sugar, it is noticeably more potent. For the consumers that just want a firm THC smack in the face, the dry sugar is the way to go.