Welcome to the Olio blog, where you will get an exclusive inside look at what happens behind the scenes at Olio. Here, we will share grow tips, inside looks at our process, extraction techniques and much more!

What better way to kick this off than where all the magic begins…the grow. For those who don’t know, we grow our own Olio flower in-house that we then use in our quality products. We opened our grow shortly after the lab’s opening, with the goal in mind to have the hands-on ability to control product quality to the utmost detail. This way, we’re able to produce the best solventless and solvent-based extracts for the people of Colorado.

Our approach is unique in that we are as hands-on as possible when it comes to the treatment of the plants. Because we are growing specifically for hash as the end product, our methodology has been tweaked time and time again as we learn more and more about this amazing plant. In the age old argument of quality versus quantity, the Olio growers strive for quality in quantity, constantly pushing the limits to be better.

Together with the finest genetics, the immense attention to detail our growers give to the plants allows us to extract the purest end product. From seed to the freezer, the plants in the Olio grow get top priority attention. The majority of our plants receive a daily hand watering. Our growers encounter each plant intimately on a daily basis.

All of the cannabis grown in the Olio grow is frozen fresh and extracted in our lab. While our lab also processes third party cannabis from partnered facilities, we pride ourselves on our in-house product.

Precision, efficiency, and timing all contribute to dialing in the best harvests for hash. Our approach emphasizes the optimal trichome and resin production from each cannabis strain. We strive for consistency and constantly remind ourselves that, “You get out what you put in.” We have come a long way since our launch, having more than doubled our grow space and grow team since 2015.