Crafted for those who wander, Olio cartridges offer the same high quality hash but in a mobile form so you can enjoy Olio during any occasion. Every cartridge is meticulously hand filled to ensure our consumers never fall short on their expectations. Olio cartridges currently come with a 510 thread and are interchangeable with any coinciding battery or adapter. We currently offer Terpene Infused Distillate cartridges, Live Resin cartridges, CBD cartridges and Rosin cartridges with more soon to come.



The Rosin cartridge is one of the most impressive items in the Olio arsenal. It's the exact same connoisseur quality hash you can purchase by the gram but stabilized in cartridge form. There is no additional filtration, additives introduced or fractions removed - that is what makes it so impressive.  For those who ask how we get it into the cartridges the best response we can offer is, go down to the dispensary and buy some Olio rosin and try it yourself.


Our Live Resin cartridge is the same recipe as our Terpene Infused Distillate Cartridges but instead of using 96%+ THC distillate we use 99%+ THCA harvested directly from our BHO runs. This is accomplished by physically stripping the residual terpenes from our HC (high cannabinoid) portion. This is a critical step as the purity of your THCA dictates the quality of your Live Resin cartridge.



After the initial rosin is squeezed from the bags, there is a tiny bit of residual juice just waiting to be pressed out. This is where the second press goes down. This rosin is extremely potent and flavorful for the value. It may not have the “jar appeal” of the first press rosin but do not let this fool you. We take this hash and put it directly into cartridges with no unnecessary additives. Portable, pure rosin.


Our Terpene Infused Distillate Cartridge; the first installment from the cartridge team, is a simple mix of purified terpenes harvested from our own garden and 96%+ THC distillate (For those wondering what the other 4% is - its other cannabinoids). It’s unfortunate that a negative stigma ended up surrounding distillate because well made distillate can still be used to make great products. Our consumers can rest assured knowing that even though it’s distillate, it’s made from in house material that didn’t make the A grade team for one reason or another.