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Our Methods


90 + 120 MICRON

The highest quality micron of trichome heads in the Olio garden pressed into our most premium rosin. While all of our ice water hash is made from high end, fresh frozen flower; refining the wash process further and separating the individual trichomes is essential for having the cleanest rosin possible. The 90+120u (90-149u if you want to get technical) micron trichome is perfect for pressing, with the thinnest membrane and large amounts of terps and THCA inside. Think of it like a big water balloon just waiting to burst. These microns of trichome heads are only taken from the first wash cycle of the ice hash.


Rosin made from a mixed spectrum of different sized trichome heads, ranging from 40u-179u. This rosin contains the widest variety of cannabinoids and has nearly the same amount of THCA as 90+120u rosin.

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Premium Jam

Often imitated but never duplicated, our rosin jam is made with shelf stability and consistency in mind. Sappy, honey-like terpene pools on top of separated, solventless THCA crystals. It may look like live resin, but we assure you that this was made with just pressure and heat. The jam can be kept at room temperature for longer than most other consistencies without sacrificing terpene content.

Premium Batter

Our rosin batter is a soft, doughy consistency that is made with just a touch of heat. While budder may get hard and crumbly, this batter is known for its easy to dab nature and high terpene content. Ranging in texture from pudding-like, to a wet dough, each batch is as unique as the strain it was made from.

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This is our ode to the first rosin we made at Olio and to those who prefer the rosin not to be altered at all. Right after the rosin is pressed, it is sealed, untouched and placed in the fridge where they keep the exact consistency until packaged. Even during this process we will refrain from handling the rosin, ensuring it keeps shatter form just as it was intended. Fresh-pressed goodness with minimal contact.


The most flavorful batches of rosin will get converted to a soft batter without the use of any secondary heat. This takes a very large amount of terpenes to achieve. This batter is very true to the original terpene profile of the fresh press, because it has not been altered in any way. This batter is also extremely easy to scoop with a dabber!

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After the initial rosin is squeezed from the bags, there is a tiny bit of residual juice just waiting to be pressed out. This is where the second press goes down. This rosin is extremely potent and flavorful for the value. It may not have the “jar appeal” of the first press rosin but do not let this fool you. Some of these batches are easily terpy enough to create “cold cure batter” at home.


A batch chosen by our top tier extractors for limited time releases. Our Olio EC flavors are extracted from premium flower grown in our own Olio gardens. We carefully choose the most terpene heavy strains for cultivation to ensure only the highest quality product is produced. Our Rosin is pressed from material of full melt quality, usually 90 +120 microns.