Strain Library

The Olio garden team strives to have a highly diverse strain library. Ranging from staples that are well known hash strains, to finding new strains and adding them to the rotation. We are always looking to bring new and unique flavor profiles to the market.

Aloha Limone

Apple Fritter

Banana Runtz


Birthday Dawg

Blackberries & Cream

Blackberry Octane

Chem De La Chem F2


Diesel Smoke 1


Gak Melon

Gas Tanker #4


Golden Bananas

Guavaz 1

Guavaz 5

Juice Man 6

Kush Mints 11

Lemon G

Lemon Lava 1

Lemon Lava 10

Lemon Lava 5

Lemon Lava 8

Motorbreath 15

Muffinz Breath

Papaya Cake

Party Foul

Peach Cresendo

Peach Pie 3

Peach Pit 6

Peach pit 7

Purple Marmalade


Sour D BX X Wilson 10

Sour D BX X Wilson 3

Sour D BX X Wilson 6

Strawberries & Cream


Watermelon Zkittles