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Olio Pens

What do the different colored lights represent on the sauce pens?

Green = Low Temperature: 2.6v (More flavor, less smoke) Blue = Medium Temperature: 2.8v (Strong flavor, more smoke) Red = Hot: 3.0v (Less flavor, more smoke)

How do I use my Olio pen?

Power On/Off: Rapidly press face button 5 times (a rainbow colored ring will start to blink)
Customize your Session Temperature: Rapidly press face button 3 times while turned on to cycle through 3 settings:
Green = Low (2.6V)
Blue = Medium (2.8V)
Red = Hot (3.0V)
Pre-Heat Function: - Rapidly press face button 2 times - Ring around button will light up until priming is complete
- Pen will pre-heat cartridge to specific temperature for best first draw

Proper Usage and Storage

-Olio recommends a GREEN or BLUE temperature setting for the best flavor and performance.
-Store with the mouthpiece facing upright.
-Store at room temperature. Do NOT expose to extreme heat
-Olio recommends users turn OFF the battery when not in use
-Avoid hard draws by pulling slowly.
-Start each hit with a light draw.

How much do pens cost?

Each store is different when it comes to price. Check out our "Find Us" page and give your nearest shop a call!

Does Olio use any fillers or cutting agents?

NEVER! Olio stays true to their promise of 100% cannabis. Everything we use is made in-house to ensure quality and give you confidence that you are consuming only safe product.


Does Olio ship product out of Colorado?

Not yet! Olio is currently only distributing product to dispensaries throughout the state of Colorado. Follow us on Instagram at @dabolio710 to get the latest product drops posted daily. Check out our website for a full list of stores you can find Olio products